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A reminder that YFFG members are training on a Sunday in the meadow next to the Millenium Bridge.


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Fechtschule York 2012

This was the first event organised by the York Free Fencers Guild and took place on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of August.   Fechtschule York 2012 was part of the Medieval festivities to celebrate eight hundred years since York received it's royal charter from King John.  The Fechtschule was a two day event that included weapons training, lectures, and sword handling sessions of both the City of Yorks Civic Ceremonial Swords.

The weekends schedule looked something like this:

Saturday 4th

Intro to Meÿer's Longsword - Andy Taylor
Meÿer's Dussack - Andy Taylor
Viewing the York Civic Swords at the Mansion House
Lecture: The Life of Harry Hotspur - Bob Brooks
Lecture: The History of the Falchion - James Elmslie

Sunday 5th

Glasgow Messer - Andy Taylor
Ledall's Longsword - Steve Thurston
Lecture: Ledall Research - Gordon Hamilton
Lecture: An Introduction to Meÿer - Andy Taylor

Sunday also saw a little freeplay/sparring within the 15th Century Guildhall, a very fitting venue indeed!

This wouldn't be complete without a few images of the weekends activities:

Fechtschule 2012 group image

The group shot taken on the Sunday, quite a few people only came on Saturday, sorry you didn't make it on the group photo folks.

Longsword lesson by Andy Taylor

Saturday morning in the Melbourne Centre, Andy Taylor takes the Meÿer longsword lesson.

Sigismund Sword Sigismund Scabbard

The sword handling session at The Mansion House was popular.  On the left is Steve Thurston with the Sigismund Sword and Bob Brooks on the right displaying the scabbard.  We were also given the opportunity to handle the other civic sword, the Sir Martyn Bowes sword, used in the coronation of James I.

Public interest in James' swords. Messer lesson by Bob Brooks

The public had access to most of the weekends activities, the image on the left showing a family taking an interest in the swordsmithing of James Elmslie.  On the right Bob Brooks giving personal messer instruction.

Andy Taylor's Lecture on Meÿer.

Andy Taylor giving a lecture in the Council Chambers of the Mansion House about the life of Joachim Meÿer.

Bringing on the next generation!

Payson showing the way to the next generation.

All in all a very successful weekend with twenty folks through the doors plus members of the public popping in and out to see what was going on.