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1st Aug 2018

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29th Aug 2018

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A reminder that YFFG members are training on a Sunday in the meadow next to the Millenium Bridge.


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Fechtschule York 2013

Following the success of Fechtschule York 2012, great plans were made to improve and increase both the length and capacity of the event for 2013.  More people were invited to give lessons and lectures, including people from Sweden and Belgium. We like to think the event was a huge success and credit to those who organised, ran classes and gave lectures during the four days.  Keith Farrell who kindly ran both a class on longsword and gave a lecture on Historical European Martial Arts had this to say of the event.

Here's a look at the schedule for the weekend:

Thursday 8th

Visit to Leeds Armouries
Tour of Micklegate Bar
Tour of Fishergate Postern
An Intro to Fechtschule - Roger Norling

Friday 9th

Meÿer longsword & Dussack - Roger Norling
Meÿer longsword & Dussack - Andy Taylor
Weapons handling at the Yorkshire Museum - led by Payson Muller
Lecture: Heinrich Von Gunterrodt - Dr. Bert Gevaert
Lecture: Falchion & Messer - James Elmslie
Freeplay/sparring at the Melbourne Centre

Saturday 10th

Kolner Fecht Buch Longsword - Keith Farrell
Mair Longsword - Dr. Bert Gevaert
Lecture: Anatomy of Combat - Emma Durband
Messer - Bob Brooks
Freeplay/sparring at the Railway Institute Hall


Halben Stangen Staff - Roger Norling
Lecture: An Intro into HEMA Research - Keith Farrell
Ledal Longsword - Steve Thurston
Freeplay/sparring at the Railway Institute Hall

Here are a few images from the weekend:

Fechtschule 2013 group image

The 2013 York Fechtschule group photo taken in the Railway Institute Gym.

Lecture in St Saviours Church

The lecture by Dr Bert Gevaert on Heinrich Von Gunterrodt at St Saviours Church.

Dussack training

Kevin Dickenson and Kurt Dudley get to grips with the Dussack.

More Dussack training

Mal Hildreth and Bob Fillingham tackle some more advanced Dussack techniques with guidance from Mattias Moberg from Gothenburg Historical Fencing School.

Lecture in Barley Hall

Lecture by James Elmslie on Medieval Falchion and Messer Typology in Barley Hall.

Weapon handling in Yorkshire Museum Roger examines a two hander

A good weapon handling session thanks to the Alison Bodley at the Yorkshire Museum.  On the left, everyone marveling at how light the 16th century Halberd from the German area is, while on the right, Roger Norling looking very comfortable with the two handed sword.

Longsword freeplay

Keith Farrell and Dr Bert Gevaert take advantage of a quiet moment to enjoy some longsword freeplay.

Longsword freeplay

A fine display!

Staff training

Al Girling and Payson Muller working with the Halben Stangen.

A big step on from Fechtschule 2012, this year was a huge success!  Time now to start work on 2014.