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4th Aug 2018

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Due to poor weather, the shoot for the end of July has been moved to the 4th August.


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Poor's Estate Archers

The Poor's Estate Archers shooting in March 2017.

As with the York Guard the York Free Fencers has several of its members in all three groups. The Tudor period with Henry VIII and his Field of Cloth of Gold has attracted many of us to heading towards a field to shoot bows as our ancesters were once obliged to do.

We are fortunate to be able to rent a three acre field from the Feeoffes of St Denys church.  The rent from this field has traditionally been used to help the poor of St Denys Parish and is known as the Poor's Estate, hence our name.

We are a mixed bunch, both in terms of ability and bow type, though, as you might imagine of a group with historical interests, we do favour the English Longbow.  We have a regular meet once a month to ensure that those starting out have an opportunity to shoot without having to fork out for kit immediately and can shoot in the company of more experienced archers.  After a few times people are encouraged to sign up to help with the cost of rent and maintenance of the field.  Once you are a member you will receive a key to the field and can shoot as often as you like.

The Poor's Estate Archers came about from the shared interests of members of both the York Free Fencers and the York Guard, but trace a heritage back to a group of archers who gathered under the name of the Company of St Edmund's Archers.  We continue to honour the true patron saint of England by celebrating with a meal on, or near, to St Edmund's Day on the 20th November.  White Dragons on red fields being very much in evidence!

A typical scene at the Poor's Estate.