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1st Aug 2018

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A reminder that YFFG members are training on a Sunday in the meadow next to the Millenium Bridge.


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Region 7 York Meet 2016

An invitation was sent out to all members of Region 7 in the Meyer Freifechter Guild to join us in training at the York Steiner School on the 12th November 2016. On that morning we had members from the Belgian Sumus Soldani, Storks Beak from Edinborough and a welcome return to our old training partner Radostin who made the journey from Bulgaria to join us.

Our idea was to promote our book session approach to a wider section of the Meyer Freifechter Guild to gain a broader version of our monthly book sessions. With each of the visiting groups choosing a technique to look at and then allow everyone to study collectively and produce a version of that technique. The Belgians chose an interesting longsword stücke we hadn't looked at before, and Andy from Storks Beak chose a recently translated piece from the Rostock Manual on a Rapier technique.

A leisurely start to the warm-up

A leisurely start to the warm-up

Andy and Charlotte demostrate their interpretation

John puts the youngest recruit to the test

The Region 7 York Gathering group shot

Following on from the presentation of techniques we had plenty of time for free play and sparring to get to know each other better.

With all the hot sweaty stuff over, we made our way to the Masons Arm for a meal before heading further into town to show the guys that we too can brew some quality beer. It must have worked as a number of bottles went back to Belgium, which is very much like sending coal to Newcastle!

English beer meeting with Belgian approval

A huge thanks to all who pulled together to make the event and to all our guests for making the event as good as it undoubtedly was. I hope we get the chance to see you all and train with you again soon!