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1st Aug 2018


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29th Aug 2018

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A reminder that YFFG members are training on a Sunday in the meadow next to the Millenium Bridge.


- British Federation of Historical Swordplay
- Schola Gladatoria
- HEMA Alliance
- Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild
- Acta Periodica Duellatorum

Local Groups:

- Dragon's Tayle
- Stork's Beak
- Academy of Historical Arts

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- Wiktenauer

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- The Knight Shop
- SPES Historical Fencing Gear
- Regenyei Armory
- PBT Historical Fencing
- Danelli Amouries
- Pen and Sword

Welcome To York Free Fencers Guild

We start 2017 by saying goodbye to the Melbourne Centre, which has been our home since May 2012.  The Centre has been a good place to train and for various events, but we have outgrown it and it was time to move on.  We have moved to the York Steiner School where we will be training in the school's gymnasium which is approaching twice the size of the hall used in the Melbourne Centre and makes the use of staff and pole arms possible.  This is all very exciting and we look forward to seeing everyone for even better training sessions this year!

Our training sessions take place on a Wednesday evening at the York Steiner School, Danesmead, Fulford Cross, Fulford, York, YO10 4PB.  Please note the school has a strict policy of no outdoor shoes in the gym, so please make sure you have appropriate footware.  Thankyou!

Usual start time is 2000hrs and runs for two hours till 2200hrs.  To start you will need loose fitting sports clothing, preferably dark in colour, a drink to re-hydrate yourself and maybe a towel and change of top if you wish to head to the pub after for the post training discussions and generally socialise.

Your first training session is free, after that a charge of £5 is made to cover the cost of hiring the hall with any funds left over going to buying club kit to help newcomers get started.  Regulars to our training sessions can pay £20 for a month, due on the first session of the month.  An annual fee of £25 is payable to the British Federation of Historical Swordplay and this gives you insurance cover for HEMA activities.

We usually end each training session with 15-20 mins of freeplay to allow the techniques learnt during the evening to be put into practice. The last Wednesday of the month is a free evening, you'll still have to pay, but you can choose to look at a particular technique, or another weapon or spar with like minded students, it's up to you.

New students regularly ask for the names of suppliers of kit, Payson has created this .pdf to answer this. Accurate at the end of March 2017 Hema Gear Suppliers.

Last year we introduced the chance for some of our more experienced students to take either part or whole sessions to pass on those areas of our art that they are most interested in to the Guild.  We also have guests coming to offer instruction occasionally.  Details of who and what they intend to teach available below:

Please remember that outside shoes are not allowed in the Gym, many thanks!

Last weeks training.

We started the month off with the usual book session. A well attended session by all accounts.